Dashboards, Analytics & more

Startly can help you resolve tickets faster, manage projects, track time and expenses, send invoices and more. That is a lot of data going into the software. So why not use that data to your advantage? Startly is equipped with powerful dashboards to help your company drill down into trends where your business is excelling and where it can do better. With our analytics and artificial intelligence, you can stay on top of your project’s health status and see how fast service requests are being resolved. Startly has you covered with detailed insights that are important for your organization.

Built for your company’s dashboards and analytics needs, including:

  • Big picture view of the revenue and cost across Business Units, Customers and Account Managers

  • Analytics

  • Artificial intelligence


Startly is equipped with a variety of dashboards that will help your organization gain more visibility into trends and critical metrics. Your organization will be better equipped to identify opportunities, see where improvements can be made and forecasting potential issues to prevent them. 


When senior management and executives share the same information, it becomes increasingly easier to open communication channels to identify problem areas and find agreeable solutions. Startly’s reporting feature has data readily available so your organization knows exactly what is happening with projects, tickets, clients and more. Communication is the key to building trust within an organization, and Startly has you covered. 

Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

What happens when you combine and analyize massive datasets? You gain the opportunity of identifying patterns and developing actionable insights. Startly uses a combination of artificial intelligence and machine learning to help you stay on top of your project’s health, driving more data backed decisions. So you can increase efficiency, revenue and profits within your organization. 

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