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What is Startly?

Startly is an all-in-one, fully integrated IT Service Management and Professional Services Automation platform for service delivery organizations. It can help companies track time, expenses, manage projects, help desk, ticketing, change and asset management, invoicing and billing. 

Built and Tested by People in Service Management

During the product design process, we spent time working with other users in the service management and IT help desk industry. We continue to gain insights, feedback and perform usability testing on our product to bring you the best all in one experience. If you are looking for a software that was tailor made for your needs, look no further. 

What Makes Startly Different?

Ease of Use

We understand that time is money. You do not have a lot of time to learn a complicated product. That is why we focused on the ease of use with Startly. We proudly focused on the accessibilityof our product so its useful to as many people as possible. Startly was also made with productivity in mind. We want to make sure our users can quickly accomplish their goals and spend less time on complicated workflows and focus more on their customers.

Customer Centric

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We have put our product through multiple rounds of testing and focused on keeping the overall experience easy to learn. However, we have also prepared for when things don’t go as planned. We provide 24/7 customer service and want to make sure you know, we are here every step of your Startly journey.

Value for Everyone In Your Organization

Transparency is a key element for a company’s success. When the executives can see the same key metrics and numbers project managers and directors are seeing, it makes it easier to spot opportunities for growth. At Startly, we wanted to make sure our product makes it easy to keep everyone in the know.

Multilingual Capabilities

With Startly, we understand that your business could reach to many countries. Which is why we knew it was important for our product be multilingual. With over 100 languages and counting, you never have to worry about your important work being slowed down or lost in translation.

We can work together in your own language, whatever it may be!

Startly on the Go

We live in a world where our office is where we make it. We understand that our product needs to be mobile too. It is why we have invested so much time and research into our mobile companion app. Allowing you to stay on top of time and expense submissions as well as approvals on the go. 

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