Organizational Governance

Organizational Governance is a keystone for every business. It is designed to implement policies and procedures your company needs to stay on top. These policies and procedures help define how your company operates and leads to more ethical business practices, which will lead to financial viability. Startly’s Organizational Governance was built to implement and enforce your company’s policies. 

Built for your company’s Organizational Governance needs, our features include:

  • Financial schedule management
  • Contract compliance management
  • Expense policy management
  • Time and expense management
  • SLA (Service Level Agreement) compliance
  • Budget and forecasting
  • Invoicing management
  • Multi-currency conversions
  • Organizational structure management
  • Reporting and visibility

Financial Controls

In any organization, you need a way to monitor and manage cash flow, allocate team members, regulate operations and prevent risk. With Startly, you can set up financial schedules, define expense policies, manage organizational structures and much more. Giving you the financial visibility you need to identify new opportunities for improved performance.


Project Management

Stay focused and keep projects on track with Startly’s Project Management features. Find all project related details such as scope, budgets, assigned team members and documentation all in one convenient location. With built in analytics measuring your projects health, you will always know if your project is on track and on budget. Startly’s Project Management solution will ultimately save you time by helping you finish projects faster which will lead to a higher rate of customer satisfaction. 

Resource Management

Startly makes it easy to keep track of all your team members working on projects. With our software, you can effectively plan, schedule, allocate people, keep track of time and expenses, without having to open multiple applications. Startly will help you achieve the greatest organizational value by simplifying the process of allocating resources. Making it easy for you to find the right team members, for the right length of time for the right work. 

Invoicing & Financing

When everything is all said and done and your projects have been successfully completed, its time to get paid for the work you have done. Why spend the time exporting all of your project details, time, and expenses into another application when Startly will help create the invoices for you? Our software gives you the end-to-end solution your company needs for your projects and their lifecycles. 

Project Management Built to Provide Value to Everyone Throughout Your Organization


Executives can quickly scan through data that shows how projects across the organization are tracking with always up-to-date budgets and forcasts, performing project reviews at regular intervals, removing roadblocks for the team and staying on top of milestones. 

Account Managers

With Startly, account managers and customer sponsors have all of the needed information at their fingertips to become their client’s trusted business advisors, increasing client satisfaction, retention, and customer lifetime value, while contributing to the overall goals of the company.

Project Managers

Startly helps project managers keep all of their projects on track and on budget with automated workflows and features to proactively manage the scope, risks, timeline, resource needs, and financial implications of every change or project decision in one easy-to-use platform


Finance benefits from Startly’s financial controls features on projects by allowing you to define, configure, and enforce both your organization’s and your customer-level expense policies, in addition to continuous automated updating of budgets and forecasts.

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