Time & Expense

Startly’s easy-to-use Time & Expense platform offers both ease-of-use for your team members who need to enter their time and expenses, as well as the full flexibility and functionality that your managers need to configure their requirements all the way down to the project level. And since Startly has a powerful mobile companion app, it has never been easier to make sure all of your team members are submitting their time and expenses on time. 


Built for your company’s Time & Expense needs, including:

  • Corporate-level controls for company expense management

  • Automatic aggregation of time & expense to project and forecasting models

  • Security & workflow configuration and more…

Time Tracking

Tracking billable and non-billable time on a project is easier than ever. Team members assigned to a project are able to enter all billable and non-billable time, across multiple projects, on a single page. 


Startly has simplified expense processing and reimbursement by making the submittal process quick and painless for team members. Simply upload photos of receipts to your library, and quickly attach them to a new expense for submittal and approval. 


Managers and Project Managers will love how much time Startly’s Time & Expense approvals process saves them. With a simple easy to read interface, approving time and expenses can be done with just a few clicks. With itemized time and expense approvals, Managers and Project Managers will be able to quickly identify and address any potential issues in real time.

Time & Expenses Mobile

Team members can track time and expenses anywhere, anytime with Startly’s mobile app. Enter billable and non-billable time on your smartphone and easily capture expenses by taking and uploading pictures of receipts. 

Startly was Built to Provide Value to Everyone Throughout Your Organization


Startly makes it easy to set up proper accounting periods to record your time and expense, allowing your organization to enfore its financial policies and rules.

Project Managers

Improve your day-to-day operations and save time and money by improving project planning, controlling costs, simplifying payroll, and keeping employees on track.

Team Members

Team members on projects can quickly and easily track all of their time and expenses anywhere, any time on the go with their mobile device and our companion mobile app.


Startly’s Time & Expense reporting helps executives reduce inaccuracies, streamline expense reporting, and help identify changes that will benefit the bottom line. 

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