Change Control

Bid farewell to the complexity of change management. Say hello to streamlined change management with Startly – the ultimate solution for orchestrating change with precision and ease. Our simplified workflow streamlines the entire change control process, from request submission to approval and implementation.

Why choose Startly for Change Management?

Manage Changes with Confidence

From planning and assessment to implementation and tracking, Startly’s robust change management capabilities ensure smooth transitions while minimizing disruptions.

Risk Mitigation & Compliance

Startly enables your organization to assess and mitigate risks associated with changes more effectively. Providing the ability to identify dependencies, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and organizational policies.

Real-Time Visibility

Gain full visibility into change activities and their status in real-time. With Startly, you can track the progress of changes, identify potential conflicts, and proactively address issues before they escalate.

Ready to take control of change?

Our change management module offers numerous benefits to organizations undergoing transitions, implementing new processes, or making significant changes

    • Ensure consistency, transparency and accountability in the change process
    • Simplified workflow speeds up the approval process to eliminate bottlenecks
    • Maintain a comprehensive audit trail of all change-related activities

All-in-one solution to change.

Take advantage of Startly’s all-in-one approach by tying multiple modules together in Change Management.

    • Association to projects for easier management and tracking
    • Assess potential risks and dependencies before implementing changes via Startly’s  CMDB module
    • Attach related tickets to a change to keep everyone updated on the progress
    • Stay up to date by utilizing the insights and analytics of dashboard widgets

Project Management

Discover how our features can assist in keeping your projects on track and within budget by exploring our platform further.


Resource Management

Our features allow you to track project time, expenses, and resources, ensuring efficient management and project outcomes.


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