Complete Helpdesk Ticketing Solution

Say goodbye to ticket chaos! Startly offers a comprehensive ticketing solution that empowers IT teams to efficiently manage various types of requests, incidents and tasks. With Startly, your helpdesk can effortlessly create, track, and prioritize tickets, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks and every issue gets resolved promptly.

Why choose Startly for Ticketing?

Rapid Issue Resolution

Say goodbye to endless email chains and missed requests! Startly Ticketing empowers your team to manage and resolve incidents and service requests with lightning speed, ensuring no problem goes unresolved.

Intuitive Ticket Creation

Startly simplifies the ticket submission process for your users! With Startly, users can easily submit tickets via email, providing essential details upfront for faster resolution.

SLA Compliance

Startly’s configurable SLAs are designed to ensure that your organization meets their commitments to customers and stakeholders by adhering to predefined service level agreements. 

Centralized Ticket Management

Ditch the hassle of managing multiple help desk lists with Startly.

    • Centralized multi-channel ticketing solution
    • View tickets by priority, active SLA or by filtered list
    • Seamless transition from ticketing to Asset and Change Management
    • Ticket to Project relationship for easier assignment and tracking
    • Simplify compliance auditing with the activity log
    • Included knowledge bases for faster resolution

Service Level Agreements

Ensure compliance and timely service with Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

    • Keep clients satisfied with on-time delivery
    • Define and track service agreements
    • Guarantee response and resolution times
    • Real-time alerts to prevent SLA breaches

Actionable Insights

Startly provides robust metrics and analytics capabilities.

    • Data-driven approach enables continuous optimization of IT support processes
    • Get real-time details about your helpdesk with custom dashboards
    • Identify ticketing trends & measure their performance against targets
    • Track Team Members throughput
    • Track ticketing survey scores and attainment goals

Project Management

Discover how our features can assist in keeping your projects on track and within budget by exploring our platform further.


Resource Management

Our features allow you to track project time, expenses, and resources, ensuring efficient management and project outcomes.


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