Get a 360º view
of your project.

Streamline Projects throughout your organization with Startly’s Project Management features. Project Planning in Startly allows managers to plan tasks, allocate resources and stay on top of your projects budget from one screen. Project Dashboards utilize built in analytics providing visibility into how your project is progressing, helping to keep your project on track and on budget. Don’t wait, begin managing Projects more efficiently with Startly today!

How does Startly help you stay ahead of the curve in project management?

Standardized Processes

Our project management software with standardized processes helps ensure consistency in project execution across the organization, enabling team members to work more efficiently and effectively, while minimizing errors and the need for rework.

Risk Management

Startly’s robust project management platform helps identify potential project risks early on and provides tools to mitigate them. Ultimately reducing the likelihood of major issues that can cause project delays, budget overruns, and quality issues.

Improved Performance

Startly helps measure project performance and identify areas for improvement. This enables IT outsourcing agencies to continuously enhance their project management practices and deliver better results for their clients.

Real-time monitoring of project resources
and budgets

Stay on top of projects and budgets with Startly’s real-time monitoring feature:

    • Track progress and make informed decisions on the fly
    • Visualize project timelines and tasks with Gantt chart feature
    • Assign resources and adjust schedules as needed
    • Simplify complex projects with powerful project management tools
    • Tackle any challenge with confidence

Take Control of your project finances
and prevent risk

Gain control over your organization with Startly’s comprehensive features:

    • Set up financial schedules and define expense policies
    • Manage organizational structures effectively
    • Monitor and regulate cash flow
    • Allocate team members efficiently
    • Prevent risks and identify opportunities for improved performance

Various pricing models for different projects.

Choose the pricing model that suits your business with Startly:

    • Flexible pricing models to accommodate different projects
    • Options for fixed price or time and materials models
    • Include expenses or manage expenses separately

Budget and forecasting made easy

Take control of project finances with Startly’s Budgeting, Estimating, and Forecasting Revenue feature:

    • Predict revenue streams and optimize budget
    • Maintain project financial stability
    • Stay on track and within budget
    • No compromise on quality or progress
    • Make smarter financial decisions for your project

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Service Management

Our features enable effective management of service requests and incidents, ensuring timely resolution and optimal service outcomes.


Resource Management

Our features allow you to track project time, expenses, and resources, ensuring efficient management and project outcomes.


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