Elevate your
IT Service Management.

Streamline operations, optimize workflows, and enhance team efficiency with our advanced features. Simplify processes and gain visibility into your infrastructure using our user-friendly platform. Impress clients and elevate your service delivery with Startly!

Why should an IT Managed Service Provider use Startly?

Improve Efficiency & Productivity

With Startly, you can streamline processes, automate tasks, and manage IT services from one place. For the agency, this can increase efficiency and productivity.

Better Customer Service

The agency can track and resolve customer issues more efficiently with Startly, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Increase Visibility & Control

A real-time view of IT services status and performance can be gained with Startly. Risks can be managed proactively and issues can be identified and resolved more quickly.

Create and track tickets by incident, service request, or problem type.

Efficiently manage IT requests with our ticket creation and tracking feature. 

    • Categorize, prioritize, and gain valuable insights
    • Timely resolutions for clients
    • Improved workload management
    • Enhance services with informed decisions

Startly is your ticket to customer success 

Ditch the hassle of managing multiple help desk lists with Startly.

    • Centralized multi-channel ticketing solution
    • Seamless transition from ticketing to Asset and Change Management
    • Automate workflows, prioritize, segment, and tag tickets
    • Simplify compliance auditing with the activity log
    • Boost productivity and ensure compliance with Startly

Deliver support on time with Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Ensure timely service with our SLA feature.

    • Ensure on-time delivery
    • Define and track service agreements
    • Guarantee response and resolution times
    • Real-time alerts to prevent SLA breaches
    • Keep clients satisfied with on-time delivery

Manage asset relationships with Configuration Management Database (CMDB).

Effortlessly manage asset relationships with our CMDB feature.

    • Simplify asset relationship management
    • Track configurations and relationships easily
    • Gain visibility into your asset inventory
    • Prevent downtime and make informed decisions
    • Automate asset discovery with real-time updates

Enhance your customer feedback strategy with valuable surveys.

Collect valuable feedback effortlessly with our user-friendly survey tool.

    • Effortlessly gather valuable insights with our user-friendly survey tool
    • No need for external software or developer assistance
    • Identify areas for improvement and measure customer satisfaction
    • Make data-driven decisions to enhance services
    • Streamline the survey process for easy feedback collection

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Discover how our features can assist in keeping your projects on track and within budget by exploring our platform further.


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