According to the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), a service is “a means of delivering value to customers by facilitating outcomes customers want to achieve, but without the ownership of specific costs and risks.” 

Put more simply, a service is a collaborative way to support customers in achieving their IT goals. Managing the delivery of the promised services is how you get the job done.

But service management may also intersect with the leadership of other departments. For instance, in IT service management (ITSM), managers and staff in sales, field service, customer success, and the help desk or administration could all be involved. Depending on the structure and complexity of the organization, the services being managed could involve dozens of stakeholders by the time delivery is achieved.

Let’s explore some service management examples to see how the most competitive service organizations are mastering the service management chaos through leading-edge tools.

What is the Main Objective of Service Management?

Service management is a customer-focused approach to delivering IT. Whether it’s a one-off project or a long-term agreement to manage elements like the help desk and security, good service management ensures the customer and their needs stay front-and-center.

Types of Service Management

Each department at an organization likely has some type of service management in place for its own workflows. Here are some of the common types of management necessary in ITSM:

Order Management

At a service organization, this type of service management could apply to a work order, a ticket, or a customer contract, among others. Essentially, this means the tracking of customer needs as well as the timeline and next steps to advance the project(s).

Startly has made this aspect of service management as simple as accessing our powerful dashboards. Through our analytics and artificial intelligence, you can get a high-level view of overall project health or  drill down into the specifics for actionable insights.

Asset Management

Asset management means monitoring the supplies and spare parts on hand, but that’s just the beginning. What is your available inventory of labor? What about the knowledge base your employees have accrued? Tracking and managing all these assets is essential to service delivery.

Startly integrates all these functions into our IT service management platform, allowing organizations to better manage their ticketing, change orders, SLA tracking, custom service catalogs, and more.

Business Process Management

Business processes are the internal workflows and chains-of-command that keep the progress moving. This includes departments that directly impact service delivery and sales, as well as teams in administration, finance, and the C-suite who need clear recordkeeping and documentation. This enables their support of the project at key milestones or in moments of crisis.

For service organizations, implementing winning procedures and policies from the top down has never been easier than with Startly. The platform also integrates compliance controls, project management dashboards, and financial controls (among other features) to help organizations pinpoint opportunities for continuous improvement.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management is almost certain to have its own dedicated software platform within a business, and that will be outside the IT department, usually managed by sales, marketing, and customer success. But the day-to-day work that influences the customer experience is conducted in the process of service delivery, meaning customer relationships are highly relevant to ITSM.

As an IT service management platform, Startly has many features that improve customer relationships, from seamless ticketing to easy invoicing. Our mobile functionality also allows field service technicians to get information they need on the job site, improving the experience for the customer among other benefits.  

Balance Chaos and Achieve More with Startly

With a platform like Startly, the needs of the service organization don’t have to take a back seat to the needs of the customer. You deserve a platform that addresses pain points like approval workflows, time tracking, and budget management, while also delivering better outcomes to customers.

As an integrated ITSM platform and professional services automation tool, Startly is uniquely constructed with ease-of-use as a core value. We know you don’t have time to learn another complicated platform. That’s why we go the extra mile to ensure employees at every level of an organization can draw value from Startly, beginning on the first day the platform is available.Startly works for organizations across industries, applying our passion, determination, and simple approach to help make efficiency more transparent and achievable. Contact us today to chat with a Startly agent who can answer your questions and help schedule a live demo.